About us

Synano is empowering industries with nanotechnology

Our team of skilled engineers and scientists create nanotechnology solutions that empower innovation across sectors. From advanced electronics to bulky heat exchangers, our nanofluids are engineered to redefine what’s achievable.


our vision

Thinking differently, exploring new ideas, and embracing transparency

Our vision is to be at the forefront of the nanomaterial revolution, witnessing the shift from conventional materials to nano-materials in all fields of technology.

We aspire to be recognized as experts in the field of nano-material research, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

We imagine a future where nano-materials play a vital role in enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and overall system performance. 

Our approach

This is why we are different to others in the market

Synano presents a range of distinct advantages that set us apart in the field.

  • By offering solutions with enhanced heat transfer capabilities for both single and two phase cooling systems, we are one step ahead.
  • Specialized formulations and consultancy services ensure that our customers always receive the best possible solution both technically and financially. 

We listen to your needs and help you make most optimal decisions guaranteeing high quality consistent results that you can rely on.

Nano-coolants developed by Synano feature upto 20% increase in thermal conductivity, while maintaining viscosity similar to the base fluid. Our nano-micro surface modifications can impart upto 40% improvement in boiling heat transfer in two-phase cooling systems.

At Synano, we use proprietary formulation methods to develop highly stable nanofluids tailored to specific customer needs and applications. We can develop nanofluids with different types of nanoparticles and solvents including refrigerants and dielectrics which is not yet done by any of our competitors. 

Thanks to our proprietary formulation methods, we maintain high standards of quality control and consistency in nanofluid production which can be challenging owing to stabilization of nanoparticles in a liquid. Our nanofluids are highly stable (upto 2 years) imparting them a longer shelf life and unmatched performance for longer time intervals.

Synano has a collaborative approach where we encourage our customers to work with us on a feasibility study to understand their unique challenges and provide them with the best solution for their specific case. Nano-coolants can no doubt be very efficient in improving heat transfer, but not in all cases. For example, water-to-air heat exchangers will not benefit by use of nano-coolants since air side heat transfer coefficient is the thermal bottleneck.

Understanding the needs of the customer and what would work best for them is paramount. 


Synano was founded in 2017

After graduating from ‘Process & Energy’ department of TU Delft, Sana Fateh, Founder of Synano, worked as a researcher in a startup based on heat recovery technology. During her research, she found that although Nano-fluids offer great possibilities for cooling applications, yet they are not commercialized on a large scale. Being a motivated entrepreneur and researcher, she became interested in commercializing this technology. After interviewing TU Delft professors and potential customers, it was validated that nano-fluids present a strong market opportunity. This led to formation of Synano.

Synano was founded in 2017 in Delft (The Netherlands) and incubated at YES! Delft, TU Delft’s technology incubator with an aim to commercialize nano-coolants as heat transfer fluids for plethora of industrial and commercial applications. 


Our journey

We developed expertise in formulations

Over the years, Synano has also developed expertise in formulation of highly stable nanofluids which enables it to enter other markets apart from thermal management. Over the past years, Synano has developed on three main fronts: 

Synano has successfully completed several Dutch and European projects enabling us to develop high TRL reliable products and services. 

Synano has established strategic partnership with Technical universities, research organisations, Corporates and SMEs throughout Europe.


Meet the Synano team

Founder and CEO

Dr. Alexander Korobko


Srikanth Birudula

Dr. Srikanth Birudula