Renewable energy

Moving towards renewable energy such as Solar, wind or geothermal and adopting sustainable energy practices such as installation of PV (Photovoltaic) or PVT (Photovoltaic thermal) panels and heat pumps has become increasingly popular worldwide to reduce carbon footprint and enter into an era of sustainability. However, energy and thermal efficiency of these systems still remain a challenge. 

Join Synano in its mission to reduce the carbon footprint and deliver thermally efficient technologies to empower the future industries!

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are vital devices used for both heating and cooling applications in various settings, from homes to industrial complexes. It works by extracting energy from a source, utilizing a heat transfer fluid. Then it amplifies and transfers the heat to where it is needed. Because most of the heat is transferred rather than generated, heat pumps are far more efficient than conventional heating technologies.

How can Synano solutions help?

When integrated into heat pump systems, nano-coolants can lead to higher heat transfer rates and improved energy efficiency. This translates to reduced energy consumption and ultimately lower operational costs. 

  • Nano-micro surface modifications– Increase heat transfer coefficient, make heat exchangers and heat pump compact.
  • Specialized nano coatings – Prevent fouling and corrosion, reducing maintenance and increasing lifetime of heat exchange equipment.


Sneak a peek into our ongoing and completed projects & case studies

Synano’s accomplished projects and case studies are real-world examples showcasing our expertise in tackling diverse challenges across industries. Our projects range from innovative thermal management solutions to applications of nanoparticle dispersions. Gain valuable insights into our problem-solving approach and technological prowess.