Nano coolants – Water/Ethylene glycol

Product information

Alumina (100 nm) particles are suspended in Water-glycol mixture to obtain high thermal conductivity and superior heat transfer properties.

  • Safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, Bio-degradable.
  • Non-corrosive. Compatible with steel, copper, aluminium and their alloys.
  • Safe to use with rubber, PVC, Silicone or plastic.


Synano Pre-Treatment Agent for using Alumina nano-coolants

Introducing the innovative Synano Pre-Treatment Agent, specifically engineered to prepare cooling loops for optimal nanofluid performance. We strongly advise using the Synano Pre-Treatment Agent for treating the cooling loop before addition of our Alumina Nano-Coolants.

Apply the pre-treatment agent directly as provided, without any dilution. Upon completion of the cleansing cycle, thoroughly rinse the system with water, and then add the alumina nano-coolants to achieve maximum performance efficiency and worry-free operation of the loop. Our proprietary formula based pre-treatment agent effectively eliminates residual chemicals, metallic debris, ions, and other impurities from the loop, creating an environment conducive to the optimal performance of nanofluids.