Synano Unveils Refreshed Branding and User-Focused Website


September 2023

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Sana Fateh, Founder & CEO


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As a pioneering player in the nanotechnology domain, we at SYNANO are thrilled to announce our rebranding initiative along with the launch of a website offering an enriched user experience with our Branding partner BRANDBITS. The refreshed brand identity and upgraded online platform reflect Synano’s commitment to customer-centricity, innovation, and industry leadership.

Synano has undergone a complete rebranding, unveiling a fresh and modern look that aligns with our progressive spirit, thanks to our branding partner, Brandbits. This transformation signifies the company’s evolving identity and our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients. The revamped website offers a user-friendly experience, making it easier for visitors to explore Synano’s extensive portfolio of products and services tailored for the thermal management industry and beyond. From cutting-edge nanoparticle dispersions to advanced engineering and chemical research consultancy, Synano offers a holistic range of solutions to address varied needs. Clients seeking tailor-made solutions can harness Synano’s proprietary formulation methods to create nanoparticle dispersions that meet their specific requirements. Importantly, customers can now conveniently purchase these cutting-edge products directly from the website.

To provide prospective clients with a complete understanding of our capabilities, Synano has integrated a collection of case studies and projects on the website. These real-world applications showcase the company’s expertise and track record of delivering impactful solutions. Furthermore, the website provides insights into ongoing research and development efforts, showcasing our dedication to staying at the forefront of nano-technology developments.

We invite interested parties to connect and engage via social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Prospective partners, clients, and collaborators are encouraged to reach out to Synano for inquiries, consultations, and partnerships. Contact details are readily available on the website. Stay updated with the latest developments, discussions, and insights from the forefront of nanotechnology.


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