Synano’s ADENEAS project update: Unveiling the upcoming plans and recent milestones


May 2023

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Sana Fateh, Founder & CEO


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Synano is part of the consortium ‘ADENEAS’ – Advanced Data and power Electrical NEtwork Architectures and Systems under the call H2020-MG-2020-SingleStage-INEA. The overall goal is to pave the way for the design and development of a cutting-edge power and data distribution network that’s safe, light, self-configuring, autonomous, and modular, scalable to all aircraft sizes. Synano is playing a crucial role in this project by investigating how nanofluids and nanoparticle depositions can enhance energy efficiency in single and two-phase cooling systems. Our goal is to reduce the weight and improve the efficiency of cooling systems in electric aircraft, which is a critical step towards achieving our overall mission ultimately leading to a more sustainable and eco-friendly aviation industry. We believe that this approach holds tremendous potential for revolutionizing the way we design and develop cooling systems for electric aircraft.

In this 3 year project which started from 2021, Synano has worked closely with consortium partners like NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Centre), Evektor, Collins Aerospace and Fokker Elmo. Synano designed, developed, and constructed laboratory-level pool boiling and single-phase cooling setups. These setups were used to conduct experiments where nanofluids and nanoparticle coatings were tested and compared against base fluids (i.e., fluids without nanoparticles). The objective was to evaluate the performance of these materials in terms of their boiling heat transfer characteristics and thermal efficiency. The experimental results indicated that the application of nanoparticle coatings resulted in a reduction of 3°C in heat source surface temperatures compared to the original non-modified surface at power of 125W. Similarly, in the pool boiling experiments, it was observed that the maximum superheat temperature reduction of 9°C was achieved for the nanoparticle-coated surface as compared to the non-modified surface at a heat flux of 20 W/cm2.

Currently, we are dedicating our efforts to develop robust and reliable coatings for single phase and two phase cooling systems, which will be tested by our partners, Evektor and NLR respectively at their laboratories. In addition to that, we are also working on designing and developing an inhouse flow boiling system to test the superheat temperature reduction with nanoparticle coatings, using different cooling liquids as the working medium. This system will serve as the demonstrator for ADENEAS. Our aim is to develop a reliable and efficient cooling system that can meet the high standards of the aviation industry.

At Synano, we believe in providing innovative solutions that can revolutionize the industry. We will continue to update you on our progress and share our achievements with you.

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