Synano’s breakthrough formulation techniques


September 2023

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Sana Fateh, Founder & CEO


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Graphene’s exceptional properties have resulted in notable innovations across industries. Synano has harnessed the potential of graphene by developing exceptionally stable graphene suspensions using proprietary formulation techniques. These innovative formulation methods were a result of years of relentless research and development, with a particular focus on carbon nanoparticles.

Participating in research and development projects like ‘Nano-graph’ under the MIT R&D Samenwerkingsprojecten, funded by RVO and ‘BRAINE’ under the ECSEL-JU funded by European commission and RVO, Synano was able to develop these remarkable suspension formulation methods. Synano collaborated extensively with a diverse range of partners across Europe, including corporates, SMEs, universities, and research organizations during these projects.

By integrating nanoparticles like graphene, graphene oxide (GO), and carbon nanotubes (CNT) into various base fluids, Synano achieved tailored material properties, ensuring superior performance in various contexts. What sets Synano apart is not only its formulation expertise with conventional mediums such as water, glycol and acetone but also with unconventional fluids like refrigerants and dielectric liquids such as 3M’s Novec 7000. This adaptability increases the potential applications for these suspensions, from sectors like electronics, automotive, energy storage, and aerospace to medical advancements. From enhancing heat dissipation in electronics to improving energy storage efficiency, and from strengthening lightweight materials in aerospace to enabling biocompatible medical devices, graphene-based suspensions are pushing industries into a new era of performance and possibility.


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