Master thesis (MSc. Mechanical Engineering – thermal and flow)


Delft, NL


Research & development

The business landscape in the heat transfer field have demonstrated significant interest in adopting advanced 2-phase cooling systems including heat pipes, thermosyphons, and more. This growing interest stems from the escalating demands for managing higher heat flux requirements and various thermal constraints that exists in numerous industrial processes. The integration of nano-coolants can revolutionize the performance and efficiency of 2-phase cooling systems since they enhance the critical heat flux due to higher surface wettability. 

This thesis aims to construct a 2-phase flow boiling system and conduct experiments to evaluate the effect of nanoparticles, either suspended in a fluid or adhered to surfaces, on the flow boiling system performance. This performance will be compared with that of conventional refrigerants and non-modified surfaces employed in similar applications. 

Synano is participating in European consortium namely ‘ADENEAS’ within the scope of “MG-2020-singleStage-INEA”. In this consortium, Synano is working closely with consortium partners to investigate the energy efficiency enhancement that can be achieved by using nano-refrigerants and/or nanoparticle coatings (surface modifications) in 2-phase cooling systems designed for improving the cooling performance high-power electronics used in Electric aircrafts. 

We have a multi-cultural and creative team with expertise in chemistry, engineering, business and marketing. We are looking for mechanical engineer to join our team to work on building a flow boiling experimental facility and validating it using conventional and nano-refrigerants developed by Synano.


Project activities

  • Desk research to gain understanding on two-phase heat transfer mechanisms and boiling phenomenon
  • Development of flow boiling setup for testing purposes
  • Validation of the flow boiling setup with baseline measurements using refrigerants and non-modified evaporator surface
  • Testing with nano-refrigerants and modified surfaces
  • Comparison and analysis of the results obtained Recommendations and reporting

‘Must have’ skills

  • Project/work experience in multi-phase pressurized systems
  • Experience / knowledge of heat transfer equipment
  • Experienced with Basic calculation tools like Excel, MATLAB and 3D modelling tools like CAD, SolidWorks etc.
  • Hands-on experience in setting up experimental and measurement systems
  • Research oriented mindset
  • Predict and plan for next steps

‘Nice to have’ Skills

  • Independent working attitude
  • Pro-active approach
  • Flexible and risk taking


Why should you join us

  • Thesis compensation
  • We also offer employment opportunity after internship, based on your interest to continue with us and your performance
  • Learn and grow with the company so that you are a part of our success story
  • You won’t just be doing research, but also be a part of decision making and business development of the company
  • Experience the dynamic working environment of a startup and grow your network by meeting new peoplea

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